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Jenna's love of horses started early in life, but it wasn't until she turned ten that her parents, Kirk & Joanne Steeno gave her the opportunity to take riding lessons. Kirk had horses growing up and rode as a kid along with his brothers and sisters. Joanne thought they were beautiful animals, but she never rode growing up. Jenna started riding lessons at a barn not far from home and started out riding western and then switched to huntseat and also did some jumping. Joanne saw how much fun Jenna was having and soon started taking riding lessons along with her. After two years of lessons, Kirk surprised them both with their first horse Buz, a Polish Arabian. Jenna remembers how Buz taught her how to ride and develop a good seat. "He was a quick one and sometimes it felt like I spent more time up on his neck, hanging on than I did in the saddle." However, he taught her how to stay on her toes and become a good rider. Buz, now retired, is still owned by the Steeno family where he will live out the rest of years.

Jenna's passion for horses led her into the wonderful world of the American Saddlebred. Jenna's very first show horse was given to her at Christmas time. Together, My Fantasy VL and Jenna showed on the "A" circuit in Equitation, Park Jr. Exhibitor and Show Pleasure classes and won many ribbons. Jenna thought it was only right to name the farm after her very first show horse who taught her so much. My Fantasy (age 28) still resides at the farm and where she enjoys every minute of retirement and begging for treats from everyone that walks through the doors. Jenna's next horse would be Really Rosie, whom they purchased and put in training with Lisa Strickland.

Through the years Jenna has trained her horses herself and also shown with trainers such as: Lisa Strickland, Dave & Sarah Patton, and Terri Anne Ullman. Together, Jenna and Really Rosie competed in Park Pleasure, Equitation, Pleasure Equitation, and Show Pleasure classes on the tough Midwest show circuit. With numerous wins or reserves in equitation classes across the Midwest, this team also won many year end awards and Top 10's because of all their hard work.

Jenna's passion is Equitation. Jenna is the trainer of the 2006 ASHA Reserve National Pleasure Equitation Champion and the Bronze Medal winner of the 13 & under Pleasure Equitation Olympic Finals!

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