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Lesson Times:
By appointment only.
We offer flexible scheduling in the afternoons and evenings during the week, and mornings and afternoons on Saturdays, for your convenience.
Riding lessons are available on your horse or on one of our lesson horses.

Riding Lessons:
Single Private Lesson (Half hour riding time): $35.00/each
Lesson Packages available – ask about our special pricing
Specialty Lessons:
Equitation Lessons (includes patterns) $45.00/each
Lunge Line Lessons (improves balance and builds strength) $25.00/each
Tiny Tot Lessons (ages 4-6) $20.00/each
Driving Lessons $40.00/each

Click the image to schedule your lesson online! Please email for login information. Calendar is for current students only - new students please call to arrange your first lesson.
(or) Call Jenna at (920) 609-6944 to schedule your lesson.

Horseback Riding Encourages:

·Health & Fitness
·Love, respect & appreciation for animals
·Hard work & Dedication

Cancellation Policy
24 hour notice of cancellation is required. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of lesson & lesson fee. No Refund or Credit will be given for failure to cancel or complete a lesson.

What will you need for your first lesson?
Your first few lessons, you may wear closed toe tennis shoes (or boots with a heel of no more than 1"), jeans and borrow one of our helmets.
Once you have decided you would like to continue with riding lessons, you will want to purchase proper riding attire.

* Paddock Boots
* Kentucky Jodhpurs or Practice Jods
* Riding Helmet
* Leather Riding Gloves
*Ask us and we will direct you to the place to purchase these items

My Fantasy Farm, LLC offers one-on-one personalized instruction to meet your goals! Whether you're a first-time rider or an accomplished equestrian, we can help you further your riding education.

This is what you can expect to learn once you enroll in our lesson program. Lessons are for ages 4 - Adult, there is no age limit on having fun!

Learn how to correctly mount and dismount; holding the reins properly; two-point at the walk and trot; posting; steering; voice commands; basic control; steering through cones at the walk; reversing; correct positioning of stirrups; drop and pick up stirrups at walk; proper leg position; starting and stopping the horse.

Advanced Beginner:
Learn how to ride bareback; sitting trot; leg aids; learning diagonals; steering through cones at a trot. Posting trot/no stirrups; sitting trot/no stirrups; picking up correct diagonal immediately; circling; riding with two reins.

Learn to canter with stirrups; correct canter leads; circle at the canter; diagonal cuts. Straight lines off rail at trot and canter; two-point at canter/no stirrups; circling at canter/no stirrups; learning how to set a horse's head;, simple patterns; ride more difficult horses; reverse and trot.

Learn incorrect leads on and off rail; lead changes on and off the rail; pivots; figure eights; serpentines; multiple lead changes on and off the rail; workouts become more complex; two-point no stirrups for an increased time; introduction to the double bridle; lead changes from middle of arena.

Saddleseat Lessons for Beginner through Advanced, ages 4-Adult, regardless of riding ability. We also offer driving lessons. As riders advance, they may ride in a group lesson with other riders at their same level. Our advanced lessons focus on the fine points of performance and equitation. Lessons are tailored to meet each individual's needs. Whether you have never been on a horse or you are seeking to improve your current riding skills, you will receive the instruction you need.

Lessons are taught in our heated indoor riding arena with a heated lounge for family members to watch from. Students are highly encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early and stay late to help care for their horse. Lessons not only incorporate riding and driving, but also horse care/handling and barn safety. Please call to set up an appointment or for additional information on lesson and camp packages and other special discounts.

Contact Jenna at 920.609.6944 or MFFarm@aol.com

Tiny Tot Lessons:
Tiny Tot lessons are great for the younger children who want to become accustomed to horses and learn about them too. Lessons run for 15 minutes and this provides a long enough time for most 4-6 year olds attention spans. These are great lessons which can allow these young riders to attend horse shows and enter in a lead line class. Children will learn how to walk, trot, post, steer and stop.

To discuss training, call Jenna at (920) 609-6944 or email MFFarm@aol.com

All horses must have a leather halter, proof of current negative Coggins and be up to date on all vaccinations, including Strangles.

Full Training **Please call**, (2) Two lessons per week included plus necessary training. Lessons do not carry over week to week. Lessons on lesson horses are not included and will be billed to you. Includes tack cleaning, laundry, tacking up, grooming before and after your lesson.

Partial Training **Please call**, (4) four lessons per month included in training and your horse is worked 3 days a week. Lessons on lesson horses are not included and will be billed to you. Includes tack cleaning, laundry, tacking up prior to lessons and grooming. Includes tacking up prior to lessons and grooming. You are responsible for grooming and putting away your horse after your lesson.

Partial Training $200.00/month. No lessons included. Horse is worked 3 days per week. Lessons may be purchased at $25/per lesson on your horse or a lesson horse. Does not include tacking up or grooming before or after your lesson.

Have Your Birthday Party at My Fantasy Farm!

Having your Birthday party at My Fantasy Farm, LLC is an exciting way to celebrate!! Kids will enjoy the opportunity to meet the horses, groom them and get them ready to ride!

A birthday party at My Fantasy Farm, LLC includes…
1.5 hours of Horse Time, including Riding and Grooming
Ice Cream
Bottled water provided
Up to 1 hour of time in our lounge with party decorations (Food/Cake provided by you)
Free lesson vouchers to all party guests
Birthday Parties of 6 or fewer guests are $200.
Birthday Parties of 6 – 10 guests are $250.
Birthday Parties of more than 10 guests will be $300.
You are allowed to bring in additional food (such as cake) other than the bottled water & ice cream which is provided.

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